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Founder, Paige Lyall, created Mind&BodyCo as a way to help people improve their overall well-being and quality of life through regular physical activity and


Paige grew her passion for well-being after seeking help for her own issues with anxiety growing up. After seeing a psychologist,  Paige saw

firsthand the ability we have as humans to improve our quality of life, by working on ourselves. This shift changed Paige’s outlook on life and inspired her to keep looking for practices that could improve her well-being.
Among other things, Paige took a large interest in meditation and exercise. She found that incorporating these two practices into her daily life improved her self-worth, self-confidence, the relationship she had with her body, and her overall physical and mental health.
This is what led Paige to study an Adv Cert in Guiding & Teaching Meditation & Mindfulness, a Cert 3&4 in Fitness, and a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy- with the hopes to further her own knowledge as well as help other people discover the change inside of them that she did. 


Mind&BodyCo are currently offering meditation classes, courses, workshops, and personalized meditation recordings for individuals and businesses. Services such as personal training, and occupational therapy are to come soon. 

Paige also has a background in Disability Support and aims to cater her services to all abilities. 



Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Journaling for Clarity

  • Meditation and the Chakras 

  • Deepening through Meditative Inquiry

Cert III

Cert IV in Fitness (In progress)

Bachelor of Health Sciences

  • Disability and Inclusion 

  • Health Promotion

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (In progress)

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