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Welcome to Mind&BodyCo, where we focus on transforming your well-being by working with your mind and body,  to create a thriving you. 


Mind&BodyCo currently specialises in Meditation, with services such as Personal Training, and Occupational Therapy to come in the future. We believe combining these practices creates an unbeatable system, designed to enhance both your physical and mental health. Because what's the point of keeping your body healthy if your mind isn't happy? 

At Mind&BodyCo we look forward to helping you achieve a well-balanced, healthy and enjoyable life. 


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Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Journaling for Clarity

  • Meditation and the Chakras 

  • Deepening through Meditative Inquiry

Cert III

Cert IV in Fitness (In progress)

Bachelor of Health Sciences

  • Disability and Inclusion 

  • Health Promotion

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (In progress)


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"Days and weeks after our workshop my clients still tell me how they listen to the recorded audio of Paige and feel so much calmer in their mind & overall lives.

I, myself have found so many benefits from this meditation as well. My IBS flare ups have reduced massively as well as my anxiety, my heart rate has also decreased and my average heart rate is now 50bpm.
My life feels a lot calmer and I am not as stressed"

Jas McNair - Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Service: Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

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